360 video for tradeshows

360 video can be a powerful tool online, but can also be used offline. Tradeshows are one of the big ways to engage with a brand using 360 video. Tradeshows are a great place to meet new potential customers and clients, but they have become grand competitions for the attention and time of attendees. Each year we see the stakes raised as more and more flamboyant tactics are used to entice attendees. The problem with many of these tactics is how temporary the benefits are. We once had a client whose competitor brought a 737 plane into the convention floor, we are still trying to figure out how the plane tied into their company but they had a good bump in traffic from curious people walking by. We always suggest that our clients use a more long-term tactic that could be used after the show as well as bring people into their booth. 360 video is a perfect way to show off at the tradeshow, but also have a marketing asset to use afterward.

With VR headsets hitting the market like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive the 360 video experience at tradeshows has changed. You can now have one person experience an immersive 360 VR video while projecting what they are seeing to other attendees. If investing in a new Virtual Reality headset isn’t in your budget you can adopt a BYOD (Bring your own device) philosophy. Google cardboard is a great way to make your 360 video more immersive with minimal investment on your part. Visitors to your booth can place their own cellphone in the simple cardboard headset and watch your video. The headset can also be used as a handout since you can customize them to your brand.

360 Video Tradeshow Ideas

  • Tour of your facility.
  • Showing off most recent projects.
  • Aerial tour of your city.
  • Virtual scavenger hunt. Hide codes in the video that visitors can use at your booth to win a prize.